The Story Behind Plixeo

Plixeo is a curation engine that curates the web’s most useful, educational business videos.

Plixeo curation engine

Consider it a web filter that sorts the good stuff from the bad. Just like a filter for coffee.

Plixeo web filter

By using human curation, the goal is to help you spend less time searching and more time learning.

Spend more time learning

The more you learn, the more you accomplish.

Accomplish your goals

About Plixeo creator Jeremy Brown

Hi, I’m Jeremy Brown. An avid blogger, social media enthusiast, and entrepreneurship lover.

Plixeo Founder Jeremy Brown

I started Plixeo in 2012 to do one thing, declutter the web. I 100% believe the web is a very cluttered place and more filters are needed to separate the good stuff from the bad. I just happen to believe in human curation and this is my simple solution to a big problem.

One more thing. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to be a featured blogger on several great sites including:

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